How to Invest like Warren Buffett using Google Sheets

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

What You Will Need

  1. Google Sheets
  2. Whale Wisdom for getting 13F Filing Data
  3. Yahoo! Finance
  4. An online commission-free brokerage account (e.g., Robinhood)

The Steps

Step 1 — Getting Google Sheets Workbook Ready:

  1. Open a blank Google Sheet workbook and name it whatever you want (e.g., My Empire).
  2. On cell B1 (it could be any cell but for me I like to have information upfront), write How much money do you want to spend on buying shares?rty3
  3. On cell E1, write the amount.

Step 2 — Getting 13F Filing Data

  1. Go to Whale Wisdom to get Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s 13F filing data. FYI — Warren Buffett is Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s CEO.
  2. Copy that 13f filing data onto your Google Sheet workbook.

Step 3 — Setting Up Your Columns

  1. Remove columns you don’t need. I have removed some for simplicity.
  2. Create the following columns:
  • Recent Price
  • Are you paying less than Warren Buffett per share?
  • Approximate money you could spend on this Share
  • Approximate number of Shares you will get with your money
  • Dividends Per Share Per Year
  • Dividends Expected To Be Received Per Year
  • To Be Eligible for Dividends Buy Shares Before This Date

Step 4 — Lets do some coding (kindof)

  1. To get latest (20 minute delayed) current price of a share, on cell E3 type =GOOGLEFINANCE(A3)
Cell E3
Cell F3
Cell G3
Cell H3
Cell I3
Cell J3
Cell K3

Step 5 (optional)— Lets Get Fancy

  1. To pull 52-week low for the share on cell M3, type =GOOGLEFINANCE(A3, “low52”)
  2. To pull 52-week high for the share on cell N3, type =GOOGLEFINANCE(A3, “high52”)
  3. To calculate if the current price is < than the 52-week average, type =if(E3<((M3+N3)/2), “Yes”, “No”)





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Arsalan Khan

Arsalan Khan

Speaker | Advisor | Blogger (

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